Online Booking Customisable Deposits

Online Booking update: Customisable Deposits!

15 Mar 2021 by Kitomba

You can now customise your deposit settings for individual packages and services. 

This means that while most online bookings will still use your default deposit setting, you have the ability to change the deposit settings for individual services and packages to suit your needs:

  • Make deposits higher or lower than the default setting
  • Charge full payment up front when required
  • Allow some services to be booked without paying a deposit

How it works

  1. To use this new feature, you’ll need to first make a change in your Online Booking settings to allow booking deposits
  2. If you choose Yes to allow customisation, all bookings will still use your default deposit setting unless the package or service being booked has had a customised deposit set up.
  3. To set up a customised deposit setting, find the package or service you want to edit and choose the deposit setting you’d like to apply for that package or service.

To learn more about setting up and customising Online Booking Deposits, check out our support guide.

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