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New! Promotions and Discounts Report

27 Apr 2017 by Kitomba

You have a new Kitomba 1 report – Promotions and Discounts! Watch out over the next few weeks for changes in Kitomba and Kitomba 1 as we roll out this new feature.

Promotions and discounts are often used in our industry. Whether it’s a 10% discount for senior citizens or $50 off a cut and colour for students, it’s important to be able to set these up with ease and report on them too.

So here’s a refresher on how to set up, use and report on promotions and discounts:

Creating Promotions and Discounts in Kitomba

It’s easy to create pre-set promotions and discounts for any products and services. Visit Promotions and Discounts under the Admin tab, choose a set dollar amount or a percentage, then set an end date or let it run forever. Then when you make a sale you can add a discount or pre-set promotion.

Need more assistance on how to create a promotion or discount? Read our support guide.

Adding a Manual Promotion or Discount

You can also add a manual promotion or discount when you make a sale. Simply click ‘add discount’ and specify a dollar amount or percentage and it’ll automatically update the sale amount.

Reporting on Promotions and Discounts

Now there’s two ways to report on the promotions and discounts you’re running:

Kitomba Promotions and Discounts report
Previously called ‘Discounts Used’ we’ve renamed this report to better reflect what it shows you. For each promotion or discount see:

  • Who gave the discount
  • The total number of promotions and discounts redeemed
  • The overall value of discounts given

This report can be run for individual staff members or for the business.

New! Kitomba 1 Promotions and Discounts report
New to Kitomba 1, the Promotions and Discounts report can be seen from anywhere, on any device!

Plus there’s some exciting new functionality for multi-site businesses! Now you can report on your promotions and discounts across the whole group, individual location or by discount type.

For more information about using this report, check out our support guide.

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