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Feature release: Packages

4 Mar 2014 by Kitomba

We’ve listened and it’s here. Now you can bundle services and retail together and offer them to your clients as a package for a reduced time and/or cost!Use Packages to entice your clients to try something new (and see your client average spend grow!) – or offer as the perfect gift for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, birthdays and other occasions.

Check out our Valentines Day blog for some helpful promotional tips

‘Packages’ is designed to work flexibly.  Here are some of the great ways to customise packages for your business.

  • Control what services or retail you apply discounts to and protect your margins.
  • Create more time in your calendar to see more clients for more services by tailoring the service durations within your packages.
  • If you often find yourself rejigging your calendar to accept online bookings that request multiple services (such as a ‘Cut’ and ‘Colour’), move it to a package! The services will always be booked in the correct order, with the correct duration and the correct pricing.
  • Improve the accuracy of your sales reports by separating out any services that you’ve previously combined, such as ‘Cut & Colour’ and move them into a package. Kitomba will track each ‘cut’ and ‘colour’ sale independently.

 Package features to note:

  • If your team are paid commissions, these will be calculated based on the price you set for each service/product in the package, rather than the usual price for that product/service.
  • Packages can also be created in Kitomba One under the Products tab. If you can’t see Packages in your drop-down, get in touch!
  • When you create a new Package, you’ll need to include at least one service i.e. your package can’t be retail-only.
  • Package pricing will overrule any staff level pricing you have previously set against a service.

Watch a Packages Demo

We hope you have some fun with Packages. Send us your feedback and tell us what you think!

Look out for our next blog post, which includes some marketing tips and ideas for promoting packages in your business.

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Use Packages in Kitomba One
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