Feature release: Scoreboard your daily metrics at a glance

5 Feb 2014 by Kitomba

Do you track your key success measures on a daily basis? Are you consistently scoring above your targets? Or are you always falling a little short?

Use the Kitomba One Scoreboard to track your daily sales in real-time.

  • Returning clients vs new clients vs casual clients
  • Rebooked vs not rebooked vs no shows/cancelled
  • Client time vs downtime
  • Expected sales revenue vs actual
  • Service sales vs retail sales

“This is Brilliant!  Absolutely love, love, love it. What a fantastic tool for both me as owner, and the salon team.” Vivianne Bryant, Owner, Bare Waxing & Skin Centres

Vivianne Bryant, Owner, Bare Waxing & Skin Centres

Don’t have Kitomba One? That’s okay; the Scoreboard is such a fantastic tool, we’ve made it available to ALL Kitomba customers at no additional cost. See your scoreboard on the homepage of Kitomba One.



Login to Kitomba One and start using your Scoreboard today!

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