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Feature release: Quick view – Checking client details on your appointments just got easier!

1 Mar 2014 by Kitomba

We’re buzzing about the latest feature release – the appointment ‘quick view’. Now you can see all your important client info at a glance when you click on an appointment in your calendar. The information in the quick view is customisable and great for managing a busy calendar.


Quick view tips:

  • The information in the quick view is customisable which means you can pick the attributes you want to see – such as your clients preferred drink or their partner’s name.
  • If your client has a caution note in their client card – such as an allergy – this will always appear in the quick view
  • If you’ve set up your security so your staff can’t have access to client details this info will also be hidden from the quick view.
  • ‘Message sent’ confirms that the client’s reminder text was sent successfully.
  • How many stars does your client have? Glimpse your up-selling opportunities when your client arrives.


Enjoy the new appointment quick view! Send us your feedback and tell us what you think.

 Bug Fixes:

  • Customer notes that were missing have been fixed
  • Voucher sales that have been discounted will now be recorded as such in the ‘Sale Price’ column of the Kitomba One Vouchers report
  • (Enterprise users only) The client invoice has been fixed so it should open without issue when redeeming vouchers that were created centrally.
  • The Business Summary report on a Mac displays all categories – previously the last category was partially cut off
  • Deleted stock adjustments will now show the correct stock-on-hand levels
  • Changing the appointment date using the small calendar button on edit appointment has been fixed to work on a Mac
  • Merging duplicate customer records in Kitomba could result in the Online Booking user not being able to log in – this has been resolved.

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  1. Just got the upgrade really like it. would like to be able to access treatment notes as well from the pop-up.


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