Feature release: Kitomba One Appointments Improvements

17 Apr 2014 by Kitomba

Staff and Room ‘Capabilities’ are now recognised in the Kitomba One appointment book when making appointments!This should make it heaps easier if you’re in a big, busy salon or spa, or if you have multiple locations. Now you won’t have to remember who can do what when booking client appointments.

To manage your capability settings for staff or rooms, go to the Admin tab of your in-salon Kitomba, select ‘Capability’ and amend the settings.

We hope you love this feature as much as us – let us know your feedback!

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  1. Hi can we have the capability to give individual clients specific times for appointments eg normal appt 40 mins for cut and finish but she has very thick hair so needs an hour appointment?

    • Hi Tony,

      Yes, once you’ve made an appointment on the calendar you can drag the appointment out to your required length of time for that client. Give us a bell if you have any other questions! :)

  2. it would be good if the rooms feature could block out staff too ie – i have a sunbed (room) where clients have sunbed sessions (no staff member required) but we also do spray tans in that same room (staff member required – how do we book a client in that room that makes the room unavailable for that time frame and the staff performing that service? – also please add a credit cart / deposit feature to the booking system both online and in salon – we take credit card details when making bookings to secure the booking and enforce our cancellation policy – if you do not have this feature in biz now you are behind the times – all coaches seem to recommend it, when is kitomba going to add this?

    • Hi Christine, thanks for your feedback!

      We designed the rooms feature this way as a simpler and more intuitive solution for ‘most’ of our users who either use a room with a staff person or without. However there is a workaround in your situation:
      1. Have the sunbed room as its own column (no staff member required)
      2. For any services in that room requiring a staff member present, book them against that staff member and ‘assign’ the room to the service
      3. For services not requiring a staff member, book them in the room column

      Hope this helps!

      Regarding your credit card deposit feature request: it is something that has been previously requested. However it’s a huge security risk to both your business and ours to store a clients credit card information in your system. We may look at integrating with a secure payment gateway in the future for handling online booking deposits if this is feature in high-demand. It would be interesting to know what other software providers do this as it is not a safe or secure practice? Thanks again for your feedback!

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