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2 Dec 2014 by Kitomba

1. Kitomba One: time on appointment

See appointment times at a glance and manage your calendar with ease in Kitomba One. You’ll now be able to see times as you drag appointments around your calendar and on the left of each appointment once set on your calendar. The appointment time feature will be going live this week, so check it out and let us know what you think.

Time on appointment.gif

2. Kitomba One: import a client list

You can now import a client list in Kitomba One with the new ‘Import clients’ button. This means no more time spent adding clients individually, giving you more time to do the things you want to do.

In the Client tab of Kitomba One, click the ‘import clients’ button, browse and then upload your file. Make sure you upload a CSV file. Not sure what a CSV file is? Find out here.

Tip: You can choose to download a sample file to see the format to upload your client list in.

Import clients.png

Import clients Kitomba.png

3. Bug fix: staff can’t be deactivated if they have future appointments booked

You can no longer deactivate staff from Kitomba One with future appointments against their column. If you try to deactivate them, a popup will now appear asking you to transfer or delete their appointments.

Kitomba™    Enterprise™.png

We hope you love these improvements as much as we do – let us know your feedback!

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