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13 Jan 2015 by Kitomba

We’ve been busy over the last little while working on some great additions to Kitomba One. Check out what we’ve been working on:Client form on iPad/tablet:

If you’re using Kitomba One you’ll now have access to a feature that’ll save hours of manual data entry and deciphering your clients handwriting! Your client will now be able to add or update their details directly on your iPad or tablet. Using a secure Kitomba One interface, all your business and client data is protected when being used in ‘client mode’. Give it a go – we’d love to get your feedback!

Take a look a how you can use the client form on iPad/tablet:

Client invoice history:

One of Kitomba One’s most requested features is here! The invoice history is now available on your client cards so you can see the history of what your client booked and paid for – from the services they’ve received through to the retail products they’ve purchased.

Find your client’s invoice history by searching their name in the clients tab or by clicking on the client card button from the appointment calendar.

Current time on appointment calendar:

It’s sometimes the little things that make the biggest difference to your working day. This ‘little thing’ is the addition of a live timeline on your Kitomba One appointment calendar.  The timeline is visible in both the day view and staff week view. Check it out:

Current time appointment calendar

Bug fixes:

  • We’ve fixed a bug that was causing display and printing errors with Benchmark graphs on Macs.

  • The Kitomba One calendar now accounts for your staff’s annual leave that’s been set up in Kitomba.

We hope you love these features (and fixes) as much as we do! Check them out and tell us what you think.

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