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Feature Release: Kitomba One Reporting

19 May 2014 by Kitomba

Your Kitomba One Business Summary Report can be fully customised to suit your Business using the ‘Column picker’.You can now add/remove sales metrics over service and product categories in your Business Summary report. To customise your report click on the ‘edit columns’ button in your Kitomba One Business Summary report.

Business Summary column picker

Select the metrics you want to report on, then drag & drop to the order you want them to appear on your Kitomba One Business Summary report.

Note for Enterprise businesses:
To ensure your business can report on category sales across all branch locations, you will need to first create a central service list in Kitomba One Enterprise and then match your branch services to this list.

Step 1: Set up a centralised service list in Enterprise
Step 2: Match your branch services to your Enterprise services

Other improvements:

  • We’ve added ‘notifications’ in Kitomba One so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest feature release news and general Kitomba updates.
  • Bug fix: Kitomba One capabilities was not working correctly for some staff
  • Bug fix: Packages were not displaying in full in the Kitomba One ‘new appointment’ modal
  • Bug fix: Appointment notes cleared when users tried to edit notes in IE10



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