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16 Jul 2013 by Kitomba

If you’re already a Kitomba One Enterprise user, you’ll be loving how easy it is to give your clients the same personal touch at every salon location with our Centralised Client feature. Now book appointments online seamlessly at any location. Read on to find out more!


Why is Centralised Online Booking great for my clients?
Your clients only need a single login to book appointments at any of your salons. Once logged in, your clients can flick between each of your salons to check availability and make appointments.

Why is Centralised Online Booking great for my business?
You only need a single ‘Book Now’ button on your Facebook page and your clients can book appointments any location, anywhere.

Clients who use Online Booking to create appointments at different locations will automatically have a ‘Central Client Record’ created for them. This means that every salon your client visits will be able to view a clients contact details and complete service history.

The finer details of Centralised Online Booking:

  • Clients who log into Online Booking for the first time will be presented with a list of all your salon locations to select from. If they’re an existing Online Booking user, they’ll jump straight to their preferred location, but can still switch to a different location if they wish.
  • Currently clients can hit a ‘Rebook’ button in Online Booking that replicates their previous appointment e.g. ‘Facial and Pedicure’. This is still possible by rebooking at the same location, however if a client wants to visit Salon B when their previous appointment was at Salon A, the ‘Rebook’ option is no longer available due to variations with staff and services at each location.

How do I get Centralised Online Booking?
Centralised Online Booking will be automatically available for all Kitomba One Enterprise users who also have Online Booking from 24 July. You don’t need to do anything except update your ‘Book Now’ buttons on Facebook. Remember, you only need one ‘Book Now’ button to access any location.

NOTE: If you don’t offer Online Booking to your clients yet, contact us and we’ll get you set up.


If you have multiple salons and you’re not a Kitomba One Enterprise user yet, learn more about the benefits of Kitomba One Enterprise or contact us for a consultation. It’s time to bring your systems and reporting together to work as one.

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