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Cost Busters: Free online training for managing rising costs

29 Mar 2023 by Kitomba

With costs rising and minimum wage going up in New Zealand on 1 April, it’s important to use this opportunity to look at your prices and wages in your salon, spa or clinic.

To help you do this, we’ve partnered with Patricia Ross from First Class Services to provide a free 30-minute online training on Monday 3 April at both 12pm and 8pm to help you get started with your pricing and wages strategy.

To sign up, click one of the sessions below and enter your details:

“It’s no secret that costs are rising. We are all starting to receive emails from suppliers saying ‘hey look you know the cost of business has risen so we are adjusting our prices accordingly’. So now it’s really important we look at our prices and our wages,” Patricia explained.

“Because when it’s left to chance or ignored it can create a toxic environment that is actually going to affect your productivity, which affects how much money you’re making, so let’s come up with a solution and use this opportunity to take control.”

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 Why should I attend?

  • The Cost Busters free online training will teach you how to come up with a solution to the rising costs. 
  • It will teach you how to know if any of your team members should be getting a wage increase. 
  • You’ll learn how to have those hard conversations around money with your team. 

How can I attend?

To join the free webinar, register by choosing the training session you want to attend on Monday 27 March 2023:

Choose a session from the two options above and register your details. Easy!

About facilitator

Patricia Ross is the owner of Ross & Co Hair Design in Hamilton, an award-winning salon that won the title of New Zealand’s fastest growing salon in 2017. After 10 years in business, Patricia is now using her expertise to help other salons streamline their processes and increase their revenue. Her second business, First Class Services, provides remote reception services for salons, sales training and support, and business growth coaching. 

Learn more about First Class Services by visiting

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