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Connect & engage with your clients using Facebook

4 Jul 2021 by Kitomba

Do you need some fresh new ideas or tips to boost your Facebook activity and engage with your clients?

Check out these easy and fun Facebook activities that will help grow your ‘likes’ with your clients.

1. Put someone in charge

Get your most tech-savvy team member to be in charge of your Facebook page to make sure that you’re posting on a daily basis. Fill your social media calendar with your latest specials, new products, competitions and anything else that will keep your clients up to date with what’s happening in your business. 

2. Tell your clients to follow you

Let your clients know you have a Facebook page by sending them an email or text and ask them to like your page so they can stay up to date with the latest.

3. Use incentives

To get all your clients following you, try a giveaway! Send them an email so they’re aware of what you’re up to, ensure you offer a good prize or incentive, and make liking your Facebook page a requirement of entering the draw to win. 

4. Share your work

Ask your clients to tag you if they post photos of your work, then share them on your page to show off your work, and make sure to tag them back. This also communicates to your followers that your clients are so happy with your work that they’re willing to share it on social media. Remind your staff to take before and after photos of their clients too, and then share them on Facebook.

5. Like what your clients like

Make sure you like other fashion and beauty pages. When your clients go to other pages they will see that your salon has liked it too. The more you expose your Facebook page, the higher the chances you’ll be seen.

6. Add Book Now button

If you use Kitomba Online Booking at your salon or spa, a Book Now button allows your clients to book an appointment with you directly from your Facebook page. Once you’ve added the button to your Facebook, Book Now works just the same as any other appointment requests you receive through Online Booking.

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Editor’s noteThis post was originally published on 1 Nov 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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