Feature release: Centralised Vouchers for Enterprise businesses

4 Aug 2013 by Kitomba

If you’re already a Kitomba One Enterprise user, you’ll be loving how easy it is to give your clients the same personal touch at every salon location with our Centralised Client feature. Now you can extend this experience so your clients can purchase and redeem your vouchers at any location. Read on to find out more!


Why is Centralised Voucher great for my clients?
It’s a better client experience! If your client buys a voucher at your high street branch, they can now redeem it in your suburban branch, they can even part redeem the same voucher in a 3rd branch. This is another great example of the consistency of service you offer across your salon and spa group.

Kitomba One Enterprise Centralised Vouchers

Why is Centralised Vouchers great for my business?
Your Voucher Statistics and Voucher Outstanding reports have moved into Kitomba One Enterprise so you can track and report on voucher usage across all locations. This gives you much greater visibility of your overall voucher position for more effective cashflow management.

You can also bulk create vouchers that are unique to each campaign or promotion e.g you create 200 new vouchers for $20 off when you refer a friend or 100 customer service vouchers for a free colour re-do.

We really appreciated your feedback during the development process, so THANK YOU!

Do my team need training for Centralised Vouchers?
Centralised Voucher was designed so that all of the common voucher processes (buy/sell, redeem and search) would function as before in a Kitomba.   That said, your team will need to be aware of the following;

  •  If you already use vouchers locally we will migrate these into Kitomba One Enterprise so that these vouchers can be redeemed at any location going forward.
  • Each salon must have an internet connection for Centralised Voucher to work.  However, clients can still purchase and redeem vouchers if the salon loses its internet connection. Once the online connection is restored, Kitomba One Enterprise will update with the latest voucher data from each salon.

The finer details of Centralised Vouchers:
All your in-salon Kitomba voucher functionality remains unchanged.

  • In the Products tab of Kitomba One Enterprise, you will be able search and trace vouchers and view its expiry date, remaining balance and transactions to date. When you do your normal search and trace in your in-salon Kitomba, it will also search across all locations.
  • When you create bulk vouchers at a group level as part of a marketing campaign or promotion (e.g. refer a friend and receive a $20 gift voucher), the sales value will be reported as $0 and you can tailor the value of the voucher to each promotion.
  • Please note.  Once you’ve switched over to Centralised Voucher, you cannot be rolled back to local voucher management.


How do I get Centralised Vouchers?
Centralised Vouchers is available to all Kitomba One Enterprise customers. To start using Centralised Vouchers, call us and we’ll switch it on.

If you have multiple salons and you’re not a Kitomba One Enterprise user yet, learn more about the benefits of Kitomba One Enterprise or contact us for a consultation. It’s time to bring your systems and reporting together to work as one.

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