Business Summary Basics

22 Aug 2014 by Brenda Perham

Do you sometimes wish you had eyes in the back of your head?

As a hair/beauty salon owner a spare pair of eyes would sometimes come in handy! Keeping up the standard of the client journey and your teams productivity seems to be an ongoing challenge.

The Answer:

My favourite report…The Business Summary! This amazing report tells you all about the performance of your team and their week’s productivity. The numbers tell a story of their actions and create a map of their strengths and weaknesses as stylists and therapists. What’s great about this is now you know where they need your help and mentoring. If you are just looking at the Total Sales number each week you are missing the true value of what this report is telling you!

Here’s a few Business Summary basics:

  • Make sure you set up your categories – you can choose 6 areas of your turnover that you would like to “spotlight” it can be services or retail, for example you may want to measure how many dollars each week you are turning over in facials or treatments.
  • Run your Business Summary at the end of your financial week, then sit down and analyse what the numbers are telling you.
  • Use the Business Summary to measure your achievement of performance benchmarks i.e. How many new clients were rebooked (ideally 50%!)
For the scoop on the Business Summary check out the business summary mini guide.

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