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How to create a learning zone in your salon, spa or clinic

14 Jun 2019 by Reena Baumann

There are many roles salon owners and managers take on, and one of them is that of mentor, trainer and coach all rolled into one. Continue reading…

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Reena Baumann

Reena Baumann

Director of Learning, Learning Elements Australia
Reena Baumann is the Director of Learning at Learning Elements, a training and development company. Reena has a breadth of experience in sales, training, coaching, training design and customer experience spanning almost 20 years in salons, corporate and small business environments.
She is the creator of Comfortable Selling, a sales training program that helps professionals feel comfortable and confident to sell.
Guided by her values - Dream Big. Be Curious. Follow Your Bliss. You’ve got this! - her goal is to make sales training accessible and interesting for everyone.
Reena Baumann

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