Focus on mental health: A wellness week take-over

8 Aug 2019 by Marie Drever

Are you OK? What I really mean is: How’s your mental health? Are you looking after yourself?

We all take time out of our busy schedules for the usual health-related appointments like dentist visits, getting that new mole checked and checking our glasses prescription. But it’s easy to forget about our mental health, especially when you’re running a busy salon, spa or clinic. Continue reading…

Finance and budgeting

Where did all my money go?

8 May 2019 by Marie Drever

Do you get to the end of every week and think: Why is there nothing left in the bank for me? You’re not alone – it’s a common experience for many salon, spa and clinic owners. The good news is, you have the power to change the way you experience money in your business.
Continue reading…

Woman working on her finances

5 expert tips for managing your salon finances

6 Aug 2018 by Marie Drever

Today’s hair and beauty industry landscape is more competitive and more complex than ever. Every salon owner is aspiring to best practice and seeking fresh ways to make their business more efficient and profitable. The challenge is real: No one ever said that being captain of your own ship would be easy.

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