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Our Appointment Value Report and why you need to know about it

8 Sep 2016 by Kitomba

Do you want to know the value of your appointments made via Online Booking? Or maybe how much you’re going to make next month? Then check out the Appointment Value report in Kitomba 1. Continue reading…


Targets are here!

27 Jul 2016 by Kitomba

Targets are here and we hope you’re prepared for the arrival of this highly requested software feature! We know you’ve been waiting to see what we’ve developed, so let’s get into the details. Continue reading…

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6 months of marketing success

25 Jul 2016 by Kitomba

It’ll be the end of the year before you know it and you’re going to be busy. It’s going to be hard to put time aside to think up some fresh marketing ideas that will bring clients through your salon door. So we’re going to give you six of our best salon marketing ideas! Continue reading…

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Get ready for Kitomba targets

11 Jul 2016 by Kitomba

Yes, Kitomba targets will be here in less than four weeks! Soon you’ll be able to easily set targets, use your mobile to check progress in real time, motivate your staff, and achieve your business goals.

There’s not long to go, so we thought we’d help you get prepared for the release of this highly requested feature. Continue reading…

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The latest Kitomba updates

29 Jun 2016 by Kitomba

When it rains it pours, and June showered Kitomba with some exciting new features. Online booking notifications, new Business Summary KPIs and a couple of other tweaks were added to make your day-to-day Kitomba life a little easier.

Continue reading…

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Get more with Online Booking

31 May 2016 by Kitomba

35% of clients want to have the ability to schedule their next appointment outside of business hours. Can your clients do this? Give them Online Booking and they can, and they will. We’ve looked into our numbers and, on average, salons with Online Booking are seeing more than 130 new clients each year come through the door. It really works! Continue reading…

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Your day, your appointments

23 May 2016 by Kitomba

What’s coming up today? What was I doing again? We’ve all had days when we can’t seem to focus, asking those questions too many times to count. Things can get a little hectic in the salon during the day! We thought about this and asked the question: “what would make your lives easier and more productive?” Well, today’s the day we’re releasing a Daily appointment list in Kitomba 1. Continue reading…

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Online Booking Update: Staff Selection

4 May 2016 by Kitomba

We’ve made some changes to staff selection in Online Booking. Why? Many of you provided some great feedback on the way it functioned and we realised it wasn’t working as well as it should be – thanks for speaking up! Continue reading…

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New Feature! Your clients can add photos with Online Booking

23 Mar 2016 by Kitomba

We’ve just released photos in Kitomba 1 allowing you to add photos to client cards. This feature is all about developing your team, improving consultations with your clients and having the ability to take them on a style journey.

Now we’re taking it to the next level, and have created a new way to build relationships with your clients and interact with them outside of the salon. Continue reading…


What’s new: Client photos in Kitomba 1

24 Feb 2016 by Kitomba

Today, we’re very excited to introduce client photos in Kitomba 1. This new feature is about more than pretty pictures! It’s about providing your clients with the best consultation. It’s about seeing the skills of your team develop over time. It’s about taking your clients on their own style journey. It’s powerful, and we’re looking forward to see how you’re going to put it to use. Continue reading…