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The barbershop quartet – 4 steps to providing a brilliant barbershop experience

15 May 2021 by Jodie Rasmus

My partner’s beard has gone through a myriad of transformations over the years, evolving and morphing according to fashion, comfort and whim. 

With my interest in the industry, I’ve practically been in the chair with him for each of multiple visits to different barbershops. He loves to share his experiences with me and we’ve grown to appreciate the finer skills involved in ‘best practice’ barbering.

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Jodie Rasmus

Jodie Rasmus

ZING Coach, The ZING Project
Jodie has been immersed in running a business almost as long as she’s been cutting hair. Becoming a salon owner by the time she hit 20, it didn’t always come easy. Jodie made mistakes and learnt lessons the hard way over the next 30 years.

“No one gets born with business skills or the right mindset. You need someone to teach you what you don’t know and give you strategies to make it happen. Now I’m in the best position of all…I get to pay it forward and mentor other salon owners using the ZING Coaching model that transformed my own business and life in ways I never thought possible."
Jodie Rasmus