Shaping an amazing team

9 no-nonsense tips for shaping an amazing salon team

13 Mar 2019 by Kai Schnitzler

Stepping into the role of salon owner, where you want to build an amazing salon team, can feel daunting. Yet, having the right team behind you as your salon, spa or clinic grows is more than an advantage – it’s an absolute must-have.

Your team is the face of your salon. They define your brand and they can make or break your business. If you have a highly engaged, motivated and cohesive team who are totally aligned with your vision for the salon, then you’re set to thrive.

Here are my nine no-nonsense tips for shaping an amazing salon team:

1. Hire the right people

The right people are crucial to your salon, spa or clinic’s success. You need a clear hiring process in place when looking for new team members.
Go to your team members first. Ask if they know of any hairdressers or beauty therapists who’d be interested in working with your team. It’s a way to connect and acknowledge the talent you already have. If people enjoy their work and the salon, they’ll recommend people they know.

Don’t rely on your gut feelings. For every prospect you’re seriously considering, make sure you talk to their former employer and referees.

Put some effort into finding the right people and you’ll avoid painful costly mistakes. Look for attitude; skill can be trained.

2. Provide initial and ongoing training

Initial training for new team members can be very powerful. They’ll feel more comfortable in their new salon environment. When you invest in training, you show that you value your team and their development, which means you’re more likely to keep current employees while attracting quality new talent.

Ongoing training supports your team to upskill, resulting in higher job satisfaction and motivation.

3. Share your vision and define your core values

Your salon, spa or clinic’s vision and core values should be tied to achievable goals for your team. Everyone should understand and share this every day by feeding into your vision to push the business toward its goal.

Everyone needs to be motivated to live by the vision and core values of the salon.

4. Systems and procedures

If your goal is to provide each of your clients with a consistently high level of quality, service, and experience, then systems and procedures are the tools you need to make it happen. Every team member can maintain consistency from day-to-day and month-to-month. This consistency builds reputation, retains existing clients and keeps the whole team working on the same level.

5. Meetings as a team and one on one

Good team communications shape successful salons. Weekly one-on-ones with every single team member and regular team meetings have to be part of this. In a one-on-one meeting, look at individual performance, provide individual feedback and set individual goals.

In team meetings, address topics that matter for the team as a whole. To keep your team interested in what’s being said, it needs to be structured, short and sweet.

6. Set goals and review performance

Goals are the most important part of growth. Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable and set in a timely manner. They put everyone on the same page and are a great way to motivate your team.

Performance reviews should be part of your salon management as they allow each team member to receive feedback – be it praise for outstanding contributions, suggestions for improvement, or to plan for career growth.

7. The power of feedback

Feedback is important and you know it. But it’s not just a quick rant in the backroom or a pat on the back. There’s a proper way of providing feedback consistently that will produce results. Don’t wait for a quarterly review. The best way is one-on-one, every week. Be prepared and specific, and don’t forget to wrap your improvement feedback in lots of praise. Always end on a positive note and let them know that you appreciate their effort.

8. Motivation is key

In a busy salon environment, building motivation can sometimes be a tough ask. Involving your team in decision making will make them feel like an important part of the business. Giving your team the recognition and rewards they deserve is great for morale and gives everyone a new burst of enthusiasm.

Whenever someone on your team does an excellent job, achieves a goal or just has a great day at work, you need to celebrate. This reminds each employee of the impact he or she can have on the salon’s success.

A thank you goes a long way.

9. Socialise with your team

There are different ways to connect on a human level with your team. A drink after work or having lunch with the whole team can do the magic. But make sure to set boundaries; you don’t want to be the one who ends up drinking too much on a night out with your team.
Organise professional photo shoots, cooking classes or even fishing or mountain climbing – there are endless activities to choose from. Make sure there is always a strong element of communication.

Never underestimate the value of an amazing team. Look after them and they will look after your business.

Kai Schnitzler is a Business Coach for the hair, beauty, salon and spa space at The ZING Project. For more wisdom email him at

An amazing team adds to the overall client experience in your salon, spa, or clinic. To see more about elevating client experience, visit our Client Experience Guide.

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