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Christmas marketing ideas for salons and spas

9 Oct 2014 by Brenda Perham

Christmas is coming – be prepared this year by getting your marketing plan for the festive season organised early. 

Here are some ideas to get the ‘Christmas Bauble’ rolling! Start your planning by looking at what worked and what didn’t in previous years. Maybe you just need to tweak something from last year to make it more profitable. When was your busiest time? When were the gaps in the columns last year?

Don’t go overboard and organise too many campaigns, it just confuses your team and your clients. 

Here are some simple tips and ideas that could work well, and are easy to implement, for salons and spas.

The early bird offer

An early bird offer for the ‘calm before the storm’ that generally starts mid-November. You could think about offering this to your best clients, or perhaps only have selected stylists or therapists available depending on how busy their schedule is looking!


Rebooking promo

Create an enticing rebooking offer or promotion for clients who re-book for the New Year! 

A notoriously quiet time, January can be hard to fill the appointment book so reminding your clients to book early, or ensuring they are rebooking in advance will do wonders for your future revenue and start the year off with a bang.

Retail offers 

Think about any added extras your clients could be prompted into purchasing. 

Mini sample packs make a great stocking stuffer, or you could bundle up retail products into an attractive gift package. 

Voucher promotion

Do you offer vouchers or gift cards for your salon, spa or clinic? These make great gift ideas, and are also an easy way of creating extra revenue. Try and prompt your current clients into purchasing these as gifts so you have the opportunity to widen your client base.

See how Kitomba can help with an integrated voucher system: How to set up Online Voucher Sales in Kitomba.


Staff incentives

Create staff incentives to keep your team on track! You can use Kitomba Targets to set goals for your team individually or the salon as a whole. 

As the team gets busier, things like retail sales and rebooking can be forgotten, so incentivising staff ensures they won’t drop the ball, and they’ll feel valued for all the extra work they’re putting in!

See more about incentivising staff targets here: How incentivising your staff targets will help grow your business

Be sure to communicate effectively 

Don’t forget to utilise all the channels you have to communicate these offers with your clients and potential new clients! Create email or text campaigns, add the offers to your website, promote on your social media channels, and be sure to make your retail shelves as festive as you can.

Your next step is to get these ideas into a marketing plan so you can be organised and not rushing around doing everything at the last minute! 

Does your salon and spa software have all the features you need to help kickstart your Christmas campaign? Book a free demo today to see how Kitomba can help maximize your profits this busy season. 

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 09 October 2014, and has been updated on 04 November 2022 for relevance and comprehensiveness.

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