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5 marketing tips that will make you more successful

12 Sep 2014 by Brenda Perham

It’s easy to get bewildered these days about how best to market your salon or spa. The marketing landscape has changed dramatically, even in the last 5 years!

Marketing for new clients or connecting with your client outside of your business is now pretty much based around social media, website and email. The challenge is that if you are a bit of a ‘digital dinosaur’ then you may be missing out on opportunities to build and grow your business. Technology isn’t going away so it’s time for you to step up to the next level and become a ‘digital immigrant.’ If the idea of that seems a bit daunting then grab a ‘digital native’ (younger person who has grown up with technology) and get them to help you out!

Here’s some tips/ideas that you can easily get up and running in your business:

  1. Make sure you have a clean and current database first! If not, run an incentive to update your clients contact info (mobile & email).
  2. A business Facebook page is vital these days…more importantly keep it fresh and post at least three times a week to keep your fans engaged. Keep a theme running, i.e. Monday – Product of the week, Wednesday – Hair/Beauty Trends, Friday – Funny/Motivational Quote. You can also set up your posts in advance and choose what day and time they post.
  3. Pinterest is a growing trend. You can set up a business Pinterest page with different themed boards. Grab an iPad for the salon, download the Pinterest app and you have a fantastic consultation tool as well (we’ve moved away from ripped out pictures from magazines)!
  4. Make sure all your marketing tools are connected i.e. social media buttons on your website, and tabs to your website and Pinterest page from your Facebook page.
  5. Set up your Everyday Marketing in Kitomba. These texts/emails are automated so once you have them set up they just go to work and do their thing. Here’s what you should have set up:
    • Appt Confirmation (you will already have this set up)
    • Appt Reminder (remind your client if they don’t have a future appointment that it’s time to book one)
    • Lapsed Client (send out an offer to a client who hasn’t returned – ideally set at about 16 weeks dependent on your business)
    • New Client Welcome (thank a client after their first visit)
    • Referral Thank you (thank a client that has referred a friend)

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