LaVilla at 2017 Business Awards

An interview with 2017’s Employer of Choice

16 Feb 2018 by Kitomba

We caught up with Kristal Sargent, owner of Wellington’s La Villa Hairdressing & Extensions to talk about her success at the 2017 Kitomba NZARH Business Awards.

Krystal Sargent

How does it feel to be the winner of the 2017 Employer of Choice award?

It feels amazing! Winning such prestigious and highly contested awards fills me with such pride. It also provides me with the reassurance that we’re doing something right! La Villa has been fortunate enough to win five Business Awards to date however, I have to say winning Employer of Choice is very personal, and certainly means a lot to me.

What do you do to create a fantastic work environment for your team?

There are many facets that make a fantastic working environment, but the most important is treating my staff like real people rather than a cog in the wheel. People need to feel appreciated.

I think they also need to have clear guidelines and expectations to be successful. This is what I focus on and regularly put into practice in a range of different ways.

LaVilla Hairdressing

How would you describe your salon culture?

If I could describe the salon culture at La Villa in one word, it would have to be electric!

Our culture is all about appreciation, love, laughter and creating amazing work. All the while, we must maintain a strong moral compass and keep our integrity in check.

What motivates you personally and professionally each day?

I’m motivated in a few different ways. My motivation certainly stems from the magic that my team creates everyday. I’m also very excited and passionate about the hairdressing industry and the new, amazing and innovative things I know will enhance and benefit both La Villa and our clients.

In fact, we have a huge project on the way that will be revealed in a few months! I can’t give away too much, but it’s to do with our hair extensions and it’s things like this that motivate me to do the best I can and to push the industry to new heights – I thrive on this stuff!

How do you feel entering the Business Awards has helped you as a business owner?

I think the process of pulling your business apart and analysing it, as well as comparing it to other businesses is incredibly challenging and a very brave thing to do.

However, I feel it’s so important for salon owners to undertake this process, as entering the Business Awards has really helped me and my business. There’s nowhere to hide, and it puts everything into perspective. It clearly indicates areas of strength as well as areas that may need addressing.

I’ve found it also highlights just how much work is done in one complete year. Think about client care, marketing, staff projects and incentives. It’s amazing to look at it as a whole and take some time to be really proud of what you’ve achieved.

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