These tools and features will help you in every area of your business.

Staff management

Here are some tools to help you effectively manage and motivate your team.



Marketing is an important part of growing your business and reaching your goals. These tools will help get your marketing machine working for you.

Invoicing, vouchers and accounting

Invoicing clients and collecting payments happens frequently in salons, spas and clinics. Use these tools to offer flexible payment options to your clients, accurately process payments and make your accounting processes easier.

Payment solutions



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Learn about managing vouchers in Kitomba



Using Kitomba with Xero means you’ll have the right information in Xero to make it easy for you to track your finances.

Online booking

Online booking is becoming the norm in the hair and beauty industry. The convenience it offers clients, as well as the value it offers businesses, makes it an essential tool to consider.

Client consultations

Your client consultation is one of the most important tools you’ll use, make it even better with these tips and features.

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