Invoicing your clients and collecting payments happens many times every day in salons, spas and clinics. Learn how to correctly invoice your clients and use Vouchers and Concessions.

Invoicing clients

Avoid mistakes by learning how to correctly make a sale in Kitomba:



Vouchers are a great way to boost revenue and get new clients through the door. Kitomba allows you to easily create, manage, sell and keep track of vouchers. Learn more here.


Let your clients prepay for a number of services in advance. Learn how to create, customise and report on the Concessions you’d like to offer to your clients.

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To learn how to create and customise Concessions, visit our support guide
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Read our blog about Kitomba Concessions
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Watch this video to learn about Kitomba Concessions
Cash drawer reconciliation

Accurate cash management is important for good business practice. Learn how to balance your cash drawer every day so you can easily identify any errors or theft.

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