Wellness is defined as being more aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. It’s important to remember that wellness is not just about staying healthy, it’s also about reaching your full potential and achieving your goals. This Kitomba University topic focuses on ways to create a workplace environment that supports the mental and physical wellness of everyone who works there.

Creating a happy and healthy workplace

Having happy, healthy employees is crucial to running a successful business. A healthy and supportive workplace can significantly increase performance, lower costs, reduce employee turnover and boost morale.


Managing your time and taking breaks

It’s important to manage your time wisely in order to stay productive and not get burned out.

Learn from the experts

There are so many great resources out there to help you learn about wellness in the workplace. Here we’re sharing some of our favourite resources from trusted experts.

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Understand how to create a healthy workplace and start conversations with these resources from R U OK?
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Check out the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand’s five ways to wellbeing at work toolkit

Feel good about your work

Taking the opportunity to give back to your community and making choices that align with your values are great ways to feel good about yourself and your work environment. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

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Sustainable Salons diverts up to 95% of salon waste away from the landfill, and uses the proceeds to provide meals to people in need. Learn how you can get on the path to sustainability.
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Hair Aid works internationally teaching people in poverty the skill of hair cutting. Read more about how you can get involved.
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The Barter Barber travels New Zealand trading haircuts for food and talking to people about communication and mental health. Read more about The Barter Barber’s journey.

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