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If you’re achieving your goals, then we’re achieving ours. Kitomba University offers a wide range of videos, blogs and guides to give you the advice, inspiration and support you need to run a successful business.

Planning & strategy

How to set goals to take your business to the next level.

Planning & strategy

Build the team you need to achieve your goals.

Planning & strategy

Knowing the key numbers to focus on and how to measure them.

Business Guide Coming soon

Smart stock management and selling more retail.

Business Guide Coming soon

Learn how to create a great client experience.

Business Guide Coming soon

Creating a happy, healthy workplace.

Understanding your numbers and managing your money well.

Advice on the basics and marketing inspiration.

Tools and techniques for better time management.

Business Guide Coming soon

How to prepare for the busiest time of the year.


How to reduce your impact on the enviornment.


Released at the beginning of each month, our free business training sessions give you the opportunity to receive business advice from experienced coaches and industry experts.

Watch the session when it’s released or whenever it suits you. Plus all sessions are saved in the Kitomba University Support tab so you can view them at any time.

Leadership and team - Jay and Marie
During this session Jay and Marie focus on how to build a great team and be an exceptional leader.
Sustainability and success - Paul Frasca
Paul uncovers the incredible benefits of embracing a sustainability ethos in your business.
Business Coach Jay Chapman
Goal digger - Jay Chapman
Jay Chapman from The ZING Project shows you how to set goals for 2019 like a pro so your new year starts off with a bang.
Business Coach Lisa Conway
Working with your team - Lisa Conway
Lisa explains how to hire the right staff and set clear salon culture guidelines.
Business Coach Malcolm Gibbons
Understanding your figures - Malcolm Gibbons
Malcolm unpacks the simplicity of using reports to understand and grow your business.
Business Coach Vanessa Main
3 key things to improve your marketing - Vanessa Main
Vanessa discusses how to find the right clients, how to stand out in a crowded market and the metrics to measure.
Emma Ahern
Tips to selling more retail - Emma Ahern
Our Australasian Sales Director shares her years of sales experience to help you sell more retail to increase profit.
Business Coach Mark Luty
Creating great client experiences - Mark Luty
Mark Luty from Frog Coaching discusses how to use client consultations to create a great client experience.
Business Coach Jay Chapman
Happiness at work - Jay Chapman
Not having fun in your salon is madness! Jay shares his secrets to remove "long faces", up morale and make time to just have fun.
Richard Kavanagh
Improving client consultations with piiq - Richard Kavanagh
Award winning stylist and Co-Founder and Co-CEO of piiq discusses the importance of client consultations and how piiq can help.
Business Coach Vanessa Main
Profit over revenue and how to grow both - Vanessa Main
Growing your revenue doesn't always mean an increase in profit. During this session Vanessa from The Loft Studio helps you understand the difference between growing revenue and profit, and gives you three tips to growing both.
Business Coach Malcolm Gibbons
Maximise your marketing - Malcolm Gibbons
Malcolm from Salon Business Coach will share three key marketing tricks that guarantee results and maximise your marketing spend.
Ray Cauchi
Saving time with Kitomba - Ray Cauchi
Do you want to find more time in your day? Ray, Kitomba's Training Specialist, takes you through a range of Kitomba feature's that'll help save you time.
Malcolm Gibbons
5 steps to make your profits rock this Christmas - Malcolm Gibbons
Salon Business Coach, Malcolm, will take you through the 5 essential steps to organising yourself to make your profits rock this Christmas!
Top 2018 Kitomba features - Donna Leddy
Donna, Kitomba's Senior Learning Advisor, takes you through the top Kitomba features released in 2018 and some other handy features you may not be utilising.


So that you can continue to grow your business and get the most out of Kitomba, we have put together a range of training options to suit your needs:

  • Introductory training: When you join Kitomba you will receive a series of training sessions so you and your team can confidently use Kitomba day-to-day.
  • Refresher training: If you’d like additional training on Kitomba features you can purchase a refresher training session.
  • Advanced training: We also offer a range of advanced training sessions to take you and your team to the next level.

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