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Kitomba One Enterprise is our hair salon program for multi-site businesses - franchisee or franchisor, group or enterprise - if you have more than one business location we’ve got you covered!

Every location in your enterprise will operate Kitomba’s Core Software, which delivers complete salon program software to manage and monitor your business. Accessed in the cloud, Kitomba One Enterprise constantly talks to your Kitomba Core Software and gives you the power to view key performance indicators for all locations at a staff, business and group level.

One reporting view delivers the information you need to stay informed and make decisions across your group. The business summary report provides instant performance data across any date range. Get comprehensive statistics on retail sales, new clients and rebooking rates, appointments and turnover, stock and services - prioritise what you want to view and see everything at an individual staff, business or group level.

Motivate staff at every location with One staff view which gives detailed reporting on service and retail sales, rebooking rates and client retention. Set targets and quickly identify who has achieved the results to earn rewards, and who needs a little extra training.

One client view delivers the ability to manage appointments and client contact in the best way to suit your business. Communicate with clients from each location, or manage one central contact centre to handle bookings and enquiries across your group - One appointment view gives access to the full history for every client at any location.

Reduce wastage and gain buying power when you operate a central supply chain with one stock view and distribute to every location. View by single location or all sites simultaneously to identify your top sellers and see what’s sitting on the shelves, then run promotions to keep your retail sales ticking over. Track and trace internal stock usage to monitor the operating efficiencies in every store.

Keep your menu of services up to date and ensure a consistent client experience with one services view. Offer the full range or a selection of services at any location and tailor to the requirements of localised markets. Any changes will immediately be rolled out across your locations.

See information at a glance and have the hard stats at your fingertips - Kitomba One Enterprise is the hair salon software that keeps you in control!

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