Salon inventory and stock

Kitomba has a super simple to use salon inventory stock management system that does the lot.

Do you know exactly how much salon inventory and actual stock you have on hand? Our simple salon inventory system allows you to track and trace the movement of every product from purchase through to in-store use and sale. And the best bit? We pre-load your salon stock items when you sign up with Kitomba!

Our salon software helps you record usage, and forecast future requirements. You can set minimum and maximum amounts to make sure you only carry the salon inventory you need. An automatic function creates a suggested order based on the levels you’ve set and our PDF and Fax templates make it easy to get your orders through to your suppliers. When your order arrives simply click Kitomba to confirm your new levels or update any changes if the suppliers needed to make changes.

The salon inventory stock reporting system lets you see the trail of every product and whether any discounts were applied. It automatically talks to your salon POS system and allocates sales to the relevant team member to make sure your commissions and incentives are up to date, then removes the item from your salon stock inventory on hand.

Get immediate information to know the exact cost of the stock inventory on your salon shelves, the profit margin on each item, and the value of the sales to your business. Keep track of internal products as they are used on the floor and check usage to ensure honesty is alive and well on your team. Know your hot sellers and find out if products are sitting stagnant, then use reports and marketing to increase salon product sales.

Stocktake headaches will be a thing of the past with this efficient and easy to use system.

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