Kitomba has a super simple to use stock management system that does the lot.

Kitomba salon software lets you tailor the price, timeframe and range in your menu of services. Create rules for pricing that let you manage the rate for each person on your team for every service so you’ll never risk charging the wrong amount again.

Services recognise seniority in both cost and skill level, allowing you to set the time it takes for each person to deliver a specific service. Linking automatically to your salon appointments, the services menu makes sure everyone has the time they need to deliver excellent service. And the best bit is that processing time is always marked out so your team can manage their workflow efficiently. Drag and drop any elements of a client’s service onto the relevant staff member to indicate their interactions every visit while keeping it all on one invoice.

Colour code each service and view the day ahead with a quick glance, and make any amendments with a click. If it’s time to raise pricing you can adjust each service individually or make a sweeping change across your menu with a percentage or specific dollar value.

Create concession cards for regular visitors and know that every client’s service history is recorded in their client card. Services links to the POS salon system for easy transactions and keeps track of staff performance for their commission and incentive rates.

Keep your menu of services up to date and create workflow efficiencies with our services software that’s designed for your industry.


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