Referral FAQs


What is my reward for referring someone?

All referrers receive a $150 reward per referral.


How will my reward be paid?

Depending on whether you're a Kitomba customer, another business or just a fan of our service, you'll receive your reward slightly differently. For full details on the rewards structure, check out the table below.

$150 Referral Rewards
If you're a.... Your reward is a...
Kitomba customer $150 credit note
Other business (Business coaches, Accountants, Web consultants etc) $150 direct credit* (inc. gst)
Everyone else $150 prezzie card
*To receive a direct credit payment an invoice must be provided.


How do I become a referrer?

To become a referrer, just start referring here.


How will I be contacted about a reward?

We’ll contact you via the email address you signed up with to become a referrer.


How do I make a referral?

To make a referral visit the 'Refer someone' link on our website. This can be found under the 'Community' tab in the header of our website. Simply fill out the form and we'll record your referral.


How do I claim my reward:

Once the business you referred signs up and pays their first month's invoice, we'll contact you via email to arrange your reward.


How long is my referral valid for:

In order to receive the reward, referred leads must sign with Kitomba within 6 months of being referred. If a referred lead signs up after the six month period, the referral is deemed expired.

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