Enterprise online voucher sales

Vouchers are a great way to market your brand and gain new clients, plus they’re the perfect gift idea for your clients to treat their friends, colleagues or family.

As a member of our trial group you’re the first to receive our latest feature - online voucher sales. Now your clients can purchase gift vouchers for your salon or spa via Online Booking.

Setting up online voucher sales

Selling gift vouchers in Online Booking is easy! Visit Online Booking settings and click on Deposits and vouchers to set it up:

Depsits and vouchers in Kitomba One


You’ll need to:

  • Connect to PayPal (if you haven’t already).

  • Choose to sell vouchers online.

  • Add an expiry date, e.g. 12 months.


Selling vouchers online settings


Need help getting set up? Visit our support guide.


Selling vouchers online  

Once you’re all set up, your clients can purchase gift vouchers via your Online Booking site:

Buy voucher button in Online Booking

We recommend letting your clients know that you now sell vouchers online. To promote your new online vouchers, you can add your online vouchers website address to your website, social media channels, emails and text messages. To do this use the website address provided on Deposits and vouchers settings page:

Promote vouchers link


Purchasing vouchers online

If your clients wish to purchase an online voucher, they can click:

  • The ‘Buy voucher’ button in Online Booking.

  • Click on the website address you’ve shared on your website, social media channels, emails and text messages.

To purchase a voucher, your clients will need to complete the below:

Buy a voucher online

Your clients can preview the voucher prior to payment, so they can see what the recipient will receive via email:

Voucher preview



For more help on how your clients can purchase vouchers online, check out our support guide.

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