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Why marketing like a boss isn’t enough

9 Apr 2019 by Estelle Carroll

Your Instagram page is hot! Amongst your followers you list people from across the globe and even other industry professionals. You have thousands of Facebook followers, mint photos, gorgeous branding, stunning models, a swag of relatable hashtags. You have so much going on. You’ve got high tech gadgets, luxe fittings and your space looks incredible. You’ve branded everything in sight, from towels and coffee cups to surveys, t-shirts, caps, business cards and vouchers. Everything’s matchy-matchy.

It appears your business is absolutely killing it. But is it?

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Estelle Carroll

Estelle Carroll

Zing Coach, The Zing Project
Estelle has mastered balance. She’s run her own award-winning salon – showing continued growth, profitability and team loyalty – while raising two children and sidelining as a singer and performing. How? By putting systems in place and growing a team to support her dream of being there for her family without feeling weighed down by business.

Estelle realised other salon owners would love to have the incredible team, substantial money and freedom of time she’d created in her business. Driven to be a part of making that happen, she sought out a coaching group with core values aligned to her own. ZING was a stand-out. And she’s been making amaZING salon magic happen ever since.
Estelle Carroll

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Facetime: Using Facebook pages in your salon & spa business

3 Nov 2011 by Kitomba

Facebook is now well and truly integrated in our personal lives. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world after China and India, with more than 600 million active users.  It’s how we stay in contact with old and new friends, share news, invites, photos, videos, jokes and scandal. And more recently, it’s become the way many of us stay ‘in the know’ with our favourite brands and products. But the real beauty of Facebook is the voice it gives to small, local businesses, such as salons and spas. Never before have we had such a direct way to ‘talk’ with our clients and community on a daily basis.

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