Setting goals

Reflect, plan and set new goals

1 Feb 2019 by Kitomba

It’s important to regularly take a step back to look at your business. Here’s how you can reflect, plan and set new goals.

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Valentine's day facebook feature

Share the love this Valentine’s Day

24 Jan 2019 by Kitomba

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to attract new clients and increase profits. Here’s some ideas to help you get started! Continue reading…

Feature release: New Kitomba POS and more…

2 Aug 2013 by Kitomba

Happy days! We’ve made some improvements to Kitomba which will be rolled out to all Kitomba customers over the next 2 weeks. Kitomba’s point-of-sale (POS) screen has been given a new facelift and we’ve introduced a prompt asking you to assign client genders to help tidy up your database. Read on to learn more about these improvements.

Kitomba’s Point-of-Sale (POS) screen has received a facelift. In the next two weeks all Kitomba customers will be rolled over to this new version. We understand change can be scary so if you don’t love the new POS you can switch back to the traditional version. But we highly recommend you stick with the new version – it’s awesome!

We’ll automatically change you over to the new POS screen in the coming 2 weeks. The new ‘Make Sale’ tab will not automatically change. If you would like the new ”Make Sale’ tab follow these instructions and start using it today!

New POS screen features:
1. There is a new ‘Make Sale’ tab for faster checkouts – great for walk-ins and heavy retail

2. Client details will appear on every invoice

3. The payments area is now much larger

4. We’ve added a big green ‘Commit’ button that’s way more visible.

New POS Screen:

Traditional POS Screen:


Having good client data is important when you want to run targeted marketing and to understand and report accurately on your client data. The new gender prompt is an easy way of cleaning up your data a little bit at a time.

How does it work?
When you see a client out from an appointment, if their gender has not been selected Kitomba will prompt you for one. It only takes a second (and it means you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with these clients from now on).


  • Kitomba’s Point-of-Sales (POS) screen has been given a facelift
  • Kitomba’s new ‘Make Sale’ tab makes walk-in sales fast!
  • Ensure your data is accurate and clean with the new gender assigning prompt

If you have any questions, or need any help, our support team is available 24/6.


Feature release: Kitomba One and Enterprise enhancements

13 Mar 2013 by Kitomba

Our latest development update includes a number of enhancements, particularly to Kitomba One Enterprise with the launch of Centralised Client. This enhancement is designed to help you deliver a local experience across your salon and spa group.

To benefit from all the latest updates, you will need to upgrade your in-salon Kitomba to the latest version. Call our Helpdesk and we can upgrade you today. As always, our software updates are FREE.


  • You can now choose to run Kitomba One reports GST / VAT inclusive or exclusive. Reports also has a new ‘homepage’, which means you will no longer automatically default to your Business Summary Report. These changes apply to Kitomba One and Enterprise users.
  • The Client List report has a new filter, allowing you to filter by location and then by staff linked to that location. If a location is not selected, you’ll still be able to filter by all staff. This filter only applies to Enterprise users.


One central record gives you access to every client’s personal details, upcoming appointments, service history and even their preferred drink at every location. It’s easy for your team to deliver a friendly and professional experience that keeps clients loyal to your brand.


  1. Enterprise users can copy a client card from one branch to another.
  2. If you have separate records of the same client across locations – or even at the same location – you can now ‘find matching clients’ and merge these two records.
  3. Navigating to the client card from any search will show a central client card if it exists. If you’re viewing a central client card, the customers attributes will display for all branches that this client has visited.
  4. Any changes you make to a clients details in Enterprise, automatically updates every in-salon Kitomba that your client visits. And when you make a change to your client card in Kitomba, it will update Kitomba One Enterprise.
  5. When you’re searching for a client in Enterprise, you’ll have the option of searching at a specific location or across all locations.
How Centralised Client works:
Amy lives in Sydney, but she’s visiting Auckland on business. Her usual Sydney salon also has an Auckland location so she decides to book in for her ‘usual’ services. They can see her client history and attributes such as her sensitive skin and allergies, without even having to ask. It’s simple.


We’ve created these features to help make your business more successful, and we want to know what you think. So get in touch and send us your feedback.


Rebook your salon and spa clients and reap the rewards

9 Mar 2012 by Kitomba

As salon and spa owners and managers you’re always seeking new ways to grow your business and attract new clients. But first you need to look and see if you’re maximizing the potential of the clients you already have stepping through your door! Continue reading…

Your clients and you

13 Jan 2012 by Kitomba

US hair and beauty academy Pivot Point recently conducted a research study engaging 500 consumers to find out more about their relationship with their stylist and the salon overall. Continue reading…

Facetime: Using Facebook pages in your salon & spa business

3 Nov 2011 by Kitomba

Facebook is now well and truly integrated in our personal lives. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world after China and India, with more than 600 million active users.  It’s how we stay in contact with old and new friends, share news, invites, photos, videos, jokes and scandal. And more recently, it’s become the way many of us stay ‘in the know’ with our favourite brands and products. But the real beauty of Facebook is the voice it gives to small, local businesses, such as salons and spas. Never before have we had such a direct way to ‘talk’ with our clients and community on a daily basis.

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