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22 Apr 2020 by Kitomba

We asked our friends at Iron + Ivy Hair if they’d share some insight on how they’re getting through the COVID-19 pandemic. The team at Iron + Ivy  feel that staying connected is now more important than ever. “With people spending even more time on their phones and social media while they’re stuck at home, you have a prime opportunity to reach out and share more of the personality behind your salon.” 

Read on for Iron + Ivy’s top five things you can do, or share, with your clients over the next few weeks.

1. Tutorials

What do you do when you want to learn something new? You find a tutorial for it on Youtube or Instagram, right? So show your skills and get creative at home by filming your own tutorials. It may sound silly, but we can all think of a client that may struggle with something simple like washing their hair at home, or a client who would love to learn to style or curl their own hair. 

Take full advantage of your time at home by filming a short tutorial to give your clients something to learn, while showcasing your personality too! Iron + Ivy Hair has some great tutorials on our IGTV in the client education series, helping you with everything from curling your hair to creating that perfect mermaid wave.

You can also use TikTok to make fun music videos or InShot to create more informative videos. If you’re stuck for ideas, use Instagram stories to ask your clients what they would like to learn! Not only does this keep them engaged with your brand and give you ideas, but also shows that you’re genuinely interested in their feedback and builds that community spirit.

2. Quizzes

Instagram stories are full of cool little features but did you know you can also make a quiz? Iron + Ivy did a ten part quiz using the “Quiz” feature in IG Stories. We asked our clients 10 questions about our brand and the team to win a small prize (to be redeemed after lockdown). Because it was fun and all within the IG app, we saw a great deal of engagement and also had new potential clients reach out to ask us questions about our salon. Think of some cool questions about your salon or team, make a quiz, and see what engagement you get back. You may be surprised at how much people love a quick game now that they have so much time on their hands!

3. Mailchimp 

At Iron + Ivy, we use Kitomba’s Mailchimp integration to send out emails to specific groups of clients. Mailchimp is quick and easy to use, allowing you to create a fully customised email message to send to your clients. You can share tutorials, news, updates, product reviews or just a “hello” to let your clients know you are thinking about them. Engage your clients even more by inviting them to write back to you or caption a picture to win a small prize when you’re fully open again. 

4. Text Messaging  

Did you know that for the month of April, Kitomba is giving away 2,000 free text messages? Stay connected instantly by sending a text to your clients – keep it short and sweet, and choose the appropriate group of clients (don’t just spam everyone!) We think these messages will be ideal for letting our clients who had appointments booked know when we’re going to be open again!

5. Instagram and Facebook

At Iron + Ivy we take full advantage of everything these social platforms have to offer. Most of our audience demographic is on either Instagram or Facebook, so we consistently update and share posts on our stories and feed. Our clients love watching our stories for daily updates from our team about hair-inspiration, funny memes or salon news – you can get as creative as you like, just remember to keep it positive! These are unprecedented times for everyone and your clients come to you to make them look and feel good, so keep it positive and share that winning personality! #WEAREALLINTHISTOGETHER!

Iron + Ivy Hair & Beauty is Queenstown’s only award-winning hair and beauty destination studio. Based within the new Queenstown Central development, they are leading the way in beautiful bespoke hair design. To see what they’re getting up to, check out their website or instagram.

For more advice, assistance and tools that can help you at this time, visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre.

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