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7 Mar 2013 by Kitomba

Target your customers with Everyday MarketingEveryday Marketing with Kitomba makes it easy to target and personalise every interaction with your clients, automatically. Here are some great examples of Everyday Marketing messages many Kitomba customers are using to service their clients better and increase their bottom line.

Appointment reminders

  • This is fundamental and will dramatically reduce no-shows. We’re all busy and often forget appointments that were made weeks ago so clients love receiving reminders.
  • You could also use the reminder text as an opportunity to upsell their service with a treatment, just ask your clients to text back a key word such as “TREAT”.


  • We love to get goodies on our birthday. Sending a birthday text or email and including a gift treatment will get them back in your chair and make your client feel in top form on their special day.

Before / after any appointment

  • If you have a loyalty programme, Everyday Marketing lets your clients know how many points they have and what they can spend them on.
  • After any appointment, if your client hasn’t made a future booking. This is a great opportunity to gently ask your clients how they found their last service. More often than not, it will remind your clients to rebook if they haven’t seen you for a while. You may also get feedback on why they didn’t rebook, giving you an opportunity to remedy it quick-smart.

Before / after a particular transaction

  • When a client purchases a product. Kitomba can send an email telling the client about the product they bought, what’s happening to the hair/skin and changes they should expect to see. Included in the email is information about other products / services that are useful for their hair/skin type.
  • As soon as styling tongs are purchased. Kitomba can email that client with links to videos on how to style their hair. You could even offer them a styling lesson!
  • When a client comes in for a relaxing treatment. Kitomba can send an email immediately after the first visit with care instructions and recommend maintenance products. Send a follow-up email six weeks later asking how many friends have commented on their hair/skin and offer an incentive for any referrals they can bring your way.  This increases your chances of growing this service, creating greater demand on professional products as well as retail.

Thanking a client for referring another client

  • It’s not easy to remember to thank someone for sending you business, so having an automated and personalised message is a great way to make your clients feel appreciated.

Clients who haven’t been back to see you for a while

  • Get in touch with clients who haven’t been in for a while and remind them to book an appointment with you. They’ll appreciate the proactive reminder and it shows that you value their business.

Watch this video for a refresher on how to set up your Everyday Marketing.

Learn more about how to use Everyday Marketing and Campaign Marketing.

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