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Time Management 101: The three elements you need to balance

14 Oct 2019 by Jay Chapman

“I just don’t have the time” is one sentence that really grinds my gears! Depending on who I am talking to, I feel I simply must remind them that Richard Branson, Beyoncé and the Queen of England all have the same amount of hours and minutes in their days. Continue reading…

One on one meeting

Make the most of your one on one meetings

9 Oct 2019 by Kitomba

Meetings can be fun, inspirational, informative, educational, or all of the above. They’re a great way to communicate with your team, either as a group or one on one. Here are a few things to remember specifically when meeting with team members individually.  Continue reading…

Kitomba and Dyson winner

Catching up with the winner of the Kit out your salon with Dyson competition

26 Sep 2019 by Kitomba

We caught up with our “Kit out your salon with Dyson” winner, Tegan, who shared her story of how she came to be a senior stylist at Nspyre Red, and what she loves about her job, Kitomba, and her new Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer Professional edition. Continue reading…

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Attract clients by developing a sustainable client experience

17 Sep 2019 by Kitomba

People are becoming increasingly aware of their eco footprint and trying to make more sustainable choices. This is leading clients to actively look for sustainable options, and expect a more eco-friendly experience when they visit their favourite salon, spa or clinic.  Continue reading…

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5 ways to improve your client experience

9 Sep 2019 by Martin Lazare

In client-focussed industries, such as hair and beauty, client experience is paramount to success. Since loyalty is such an important factor, offering seamless, unique client experiences is one way to stand out from the pack and retain your clients as well as attract new ones. Continue reading…

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5 tips to improve your salon culture

29 Aug 2019 by Ashlee Laura

Have you ever woken up and thought, I don’t want to go to work today? Or worse – woken up EVERY DAY thinking this?

Most people who wake up feeling like this every morning will do nothing about it, and even worse, they’ll still go to work. They’ll under-perform, have a bad attitude, or even develop mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. They’ll feel stuck, unappreciated, bored and unhappy. Is this the type of team that you want working for you? Continue reading…

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The importance of creating a healthy workplace

20 Aug 2019 by Kitomba

We spend so much of our lives at work, so it’s no surprise that it can have a huge impact on our health and wellness. Likewise our health and wellness can have a huge impact on our work. Everyone will have good days and bad days, but there are things that you can do as an employer to create an environment that supports your staff to bring their best every day. If your staff are happy, they’re better positioned to make your clients happy, and happy clients are great for business. Continue reading…

Barter Barber

Lessons from The Barter Barber

15 Aug 2019 by Kitomba

Hairdressers and barbers have the tendency to be pseudo counsellors to their clients – it’s a hazard of the job and can be tough to deal with, but few actively seek it out. Sam Dowdall is different. Over two and a half years ago in November 2016 he left everything behind and hit the road in a 1971 Bedford van with his faithful companion, a Bichon Standard Poodle, Bobo seeking out those hard conversations. He speaks especially with men across New Zealand, trading conversation and haircuts for goods and services. We caught up with Sam when he was in his former home, Wellington, to discuss what he’s been up to and what he’s learned along the way.  Continue reading…


Focus on mental health: A wellness week take-over

8 Aug 2019 by Marie Drever

Are you OK? What I really mean is: How’s your mental health? Are you looking after yourself?

We all take time out of our busy schedules for the usual health-related appointments like dentist visits, getting that new mole checked and checking our glasses prescription. But it’s easy to forget about our mental health, especially when you’re running a busy salon, spa or clinic. Continue reading…

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Prioritising breaks in a busy salon, spa or clinic

5 Aug 2019 by Martin Lazare

When your workplace is a busy, high intensity environment such as a spa, salon or clinic, it can be difficult to make sure that you’re getting enough downtime throughout the day. In the hair and beauty industry, where careless mistakes have the capacity to destroy a business’ reputation, it is more important than ever to ensure that you and your staff are well-rested and have the focus to do your jobs properly.  Continue reading…