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Our top 10 tips to getting ready for the Christmas season

13 Nov 2017 by Kitomba

The Christmas season is almost here, so it’s time to get prepared! Here are our top 10 tips for getting ready for the silly season:

  1. Hours and staff. Have you got these right? Maybe you need to extend your hours to meet demand or an extra pair of hands.
  2. Stock. You can’t sell what you don’t have and you don’t want to miss out on sales. So make sure you order your stock well in advance and get your team to make the shelves look beautiful!
  3. Christmas gift ideas. Have beautifully packaged retail gift packs at your front desk for clients to grab as they pay. And don’t forget to have gift vouchers available too.
  4. Fresh and clean. Give the salon a spring clean in November so it’s easier to keep it tidy during your busiest month of the year!
  5. Get festive. Decorate the salon so your team and your clients are in the right mood! If you can, decorate the front of your salon so it catches the eyes of potential new clients.
  6. Christmas marketing sorted. Schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts for December. Plan your email campaigns like letting your clients know you have an extra late night or Christmas specials available.
  7. Targets. Keep your team motivated by setting up individual targets in Kitomba 1.
  8. Friendly competition. It’s important to keep this busy month fun. Run a competition within the team for the highest retail sales or the most rebookings for the quiet months of January and February. It’ll keep spirits high and keep your team working towards having a great month.
  9. Meetings. When it gets busy it’s easy to forget the basics like upselling and recommending products. Quick morning huddles and regular team meetings will help keep everyone focused.
  10. Treat your clients. Chocolates or Christmas cake to go with tea and coffee is a nice touch.

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