Point of sale in Kitomba 1

New to Kitomba 1: Point-of-Sale

3 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

You might have noticed that the prep sale button has changed its name – that’s because now you can do so much more than just prepare sales! We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released Point-of-Sale in Kitomba 1 so you can complete a sale from anywhere in your salon, spa or clinic.

How it works

Kitomba 1 Point-of-Sale picks up where Prep Sale left off, allowing you to not only prepare sales from anywhere in the salon, but take cash and card payments as well! 

  • Create a sale, check the invoiced services are accurate and apply any discounts or surcharges.
  • Save draft sales to complete later from Kitomba or Kitomba 1.
  • Take cash or card payments from anywhere in your salon, spa or clinic using a smartphone, tablet or computer. 
  • Make checking out a seamless part of the client’s interaction with their stylist or therapist. 
  • Reduce contact with other staff and clients at the front desk.

Check out this short video that shows you how it works:

Ensure your staff have the right security access

We’re sure you’ll love Kitomba 1 Point-of-Sale, but we’ve also made it easy for you to decide which staff have access to this new feature. You can see which staff have access and adjust their Kitomba 1 permissions with our new customisable Kitomba 1 access levels

Some important things to note

Kitomba 1 Point-of-Sale is a brand new feature and works slightly differently from Point-of-Sale in Kitomba. Please note:

  • Kitomba 1 Point-of-Sale accepts cash, card and other custom payment types. It does not currently support payment by vouchers, concessions, account credit or loyalty dollars. 
  • To sell vouchers and concessions, please use your main Kitomba as these cannot be added to sales in Kitomba 1.
  • If you use loyalty in your business, your clients will still earn loyalty dollars on sales processed in Kitomba 1.   

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