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New Kitomba 1 Targets only access for your team

19 Nov 2018 by Kitomba

We’ve released a new Kitomba 1 access option – Targets. Now you can give your team the ability to view and track their individual targets while keeping any other client and business information safe.

You can have peace of mind while using targets to motivate and focus your team to achieve your goals and grow your salon, spa or clinic. Plus it’s even easier to go paperless! Gone are the days of printing reports and spreadsheets, instead your team just need to come to meetings equipped with their smartphones.

Give your team Kitomba 1 access

Before you can choose an access option for your staff members, they need to become a Kitomba 1 user. Simply visit your Kitomba 1 Settings and create new users via the Staff & users tab.

To learn more about creating new Kitomba 1 users, visit our support guide.

Choose the right access option

Not sure what Kitomba 1 access you should give your staff? There are six access options so you can give each team member the appropriate access for them:  

  • Targets: Staff can only view their own targets.
  • Limited : Targets + view the Appointment Book and add and edit client details.
  • Standard: Limited + make and change appointments, manage products and services, create email marketing campaigns and edit Online Booking settings.
  • Advanced: Standard + run reports, view and set targets, see client contact details, and add and edit timetable overrides.
  • Admin: Advanced + download client lists, create voucher batches, add and edit Kitomba 1 users, edit business settings and manage accounts like MailChimp and PayPal.
  • Accounts / Reports: Manage products and services, create email email marketing campaigns, edit Online Booking settings, run reports and view and set targets.

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To learn more about setting the right Kitomba 1 access for your team, check out our support guide.

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  1. A small step in the right direction :)
    However, what K1 desperately needs is custom access levels, where we can tick / untick each tab & sub-tab that we want that security level to access, and whether it’s view only or can edit…

    – Can access the Scoreboard tab – All locations / Specific Locations / or just their own scoreboard
    – Can access the Appointments tab (view only, or can edit) – All locations / Specific Locations / or just their own column
    – Can access the Clients tab (view only, or can edit) – All locations / Specific Locations / or just their own column
    – Can access the Targets tab – All locations / Specific Locations / or just their own targets
    – Can access the Reporting tab – Benchmark / All reports / or just specific reports
    – Can access the Marketing tab
    – Can access the Products & Services tab (view only, or can edit) – Products / Services / Packages / Vouchers
    – Can access the Settings tab – My Account / Business details / Staff & users / Online booking

    K1 also then needs to be able to restrict login per device – either using 2 factor such as Google login, or using cookies or IP address. A simple solution would be emailing the owner a 6 digit code or a confirmation link if the login is from a different IP address, along with the IP details of the login attempt (IP address, location, device type, OS, Browser).

    • Hi Murray, thanks so much for your comment – we really appreciate feedback from our customers! :) Have you left us a feature request on the Kitomba Community? Please do as that’s where we look as part of our feature development planning. From, The Kitomba team

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