Mother's Day Marketing

How to make this your most successful Mother’s Day yet

7 Apr 2016 by Alyssa McArley

Mother’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to do some great marketing and provide your customers with some ideal Mother’s Day offers. Here’s how to run a successful Mother’s Day marketing campaign.

Give yourself plenty of time

Not giving yourself enough time to prepare for Mother’s Day can lead to last-minute decisions, average campaigns and disappointing results. So giving yourself a good head start is key to the success of a Mother’s Day marketing campaign.

We suggest starting at least a month in advance in order to plan, create and promote your campaign.

Decide on a campaign

It’s a good idea to start with a brainstorm. You can do some research or get your team together to generate ideas.

If you’re not sure what your Mother’s Day campaign should be, here are a few ideas:

  • Bundle your services and retail products to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift. For example, mother-daughter pampering treatments. Creating a package in Kitomba is really easy!
  • Offer a free conditioning treatment with every haircut or a head massage with each facial.
  • Create beautiful retail gift packs or gift vouchers wrapped in a box with a ribbon! It’s a handy gift idea for your client’s who aren’t sure what to get their Mum.

Start preparing

Depending on what you choose, there will be some things you need to prepare before Mother’s Day:

  • Get to work packaging gifts or having some beautiful gift vouchers printed.
  • Think about if you need any posters or flyers.
  • Decide if you’ll decorate your salon, spa clinic and buy some pretty decorations.
  • Get your team on board so they know what’s happening and are ready to promote it to clients.

Promote your campaign

Most importantly you need to promote your Mother’s Day offer:

  • Email: Use MailChimp or Kmail to tell your clients about your Mother’s Day promotion. Don’t forget to include a clear call to action like a link to Online Booking.
  • Text: Use Everyday Marketing to send your clients a customised Mother’s Day text.
  • Social: Connect with your clients across all your social media platforms. Be sure to use a great Mother’s Day image to capture their attention.
  • In-store: Let everyone know about your Mother’s Day offer by displaying posters or your promotion in a photo frame, or create a window display.

We hope this helps you to have your most successful Mother’s Day yet!

This blog was updated on 27 March 2018.

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  1. This is awesome ideas n yes when ur busy n full on its quite a mission to think of new ideas
    I love the photo frame idea n free treatment with service leading up to Mother’s Day
    We will be using this
    Thank u

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