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20 Aug 2012 by Kitomba

Do you know who your top clients are? How often they see you? What services they purchase? Now you can quickly see your clients in a different light and gain an immediate impression on how to increase their value. The power of Star Clients lies in its ability to give you the information you need about your clients, when you need it – when your client is with you. And it’s in pictures, so your team will naturally
‘get it’.

Watch the Star Clients video to learn more. 

Let’s look at some examples of how Kitomba customers are already using Star Clients.

1. Know your top clients
Your client’s earn full stars or half stars automatically, depending on their spending and rebooking behaviour.
If your client has all 5 stars this instantly tells you that this client enjoys a range of treatments and products in your salon or spa on a regular basis, while a 2 or 3 star client presents opportunities to strengthen your relationship with that client.

2. Set your team goals and incentives
One business owner that we spoke to holds a daily staff meeting where her team prints off their ‘Customer History – One Page’ report and they physically highlight the star they aim to get for each client that day. They’ve made a game of it and it has definitely brought out a competitive streak! The most successful team member each week is awarded a prize with a more serious cash bonus awarded to the stand-out team member each month.






3. Understand your teams strengths and development needs
A number of businesses currently use Star Clients for helping with team training. Running the Star Clients report lets you quickly see what team members have the most full-star clients and who may need help in areas such as rebooking or retail. Regardless of whether staff are junior, intermediate or senior, they’re working on a level playing field with Star Clients. Everyone can strive to earn stars for each of their clients and you can measure success on a ‘percentage of clients’ basis using the Star Client Report. You can also see a breakdown of the types of stars within each team member’s client base. This is a GREAT tool for understanding how your team is progressing and where they may lack confidence and need extra support.

4. Identify new opportunities
As one business coach commented, business owners should first ‘look at the opportunities within your business – with the client sitting in front of you – before spending a lot of time, effort and money on trying to get new clients.’ The stars on your client cards give you an instant visual indicator of the opportunities you have in front of you. If you can get a client visiting more regularly or purchasing an additional treatment during their visit, you’re instantly increasing your earning power without increasing your marketing spend. Once you’ve plugged all those productivity gaps, you’ll be able to look ‘up’ at new opportunities from within a healthy, well run business.

5. Increase your earning power
In another example, a business owner commented to us that her goal is to create a service culture and she uses Star Clients as her measuring stick. By this she means each star represents an important area of service. And to deliver a FULL service, they’re constantly striving to introduce clients to ‘something new’ over a nine or ten month period growing them from a 1-star client to a 5-star client. She commented that for the first visit their focus was on getting the client to return and not to alienate them with a hard-sales strategy. So their goal to get the client to return is the rebooking star.

Star Clients is ready to use in your Kitomba today!

Are you using Star Clients yet?  If so… How?!

In less than 100 words tell us how you’re using (or planning to use) Star Clients to make your business more successful and you could WIN Online Booking FREE for one year.  Think revenue generating, unique, innovative ideas and include your results!

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