Selling vouchers at salon front desk

Email vouchers to clients with Kitomba 1

23 Jun 2020 by Kitomba

You can now email new and existing vouchers to your clients from Kitomba 1.

The ability to email vouchers from Kitomba 1 means that if a voucher holder misplaces their voucher number or is not sure of the remaining balance, you can also easily re-send the voucher to their email. Simply look up the voucher in Kitomba 1 and click the new ‘email voucher’ button.

Plus, when you sell a voucher at your front desk you can now offer your clients the option to receive their voucher by email instead of paper. Using Kitomba 1, email the voucher to any address your client chooses, including directly to their chosen recipient – perfect for last minute gifts!

Check out this short video to see just how easy it is to email vouchers from Kitomba 1.

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    • Hi Wendy, the voucher has a standard design which pulls the banner image and brand colours that you’ve selected. To change your design, go to your Kitomba 1 settings and go to the branding section to add your banner image and brand colour, which will be displayed on your voucher. If you haven’t yet set up your branding here’s a support guide that shows you how: Set up branding.

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