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Doing Valentine’s Day the right way

3 Feb 2015 by Paul Gray

Is February looking like it’s going to be a bit quiet? It doesn’t have to be! Valentine’s Day is the first big sales opportunity for the year. With just 11 days until Valentine’s Day, now’s the time to start thinking about what marketing activities you can get underway to make sure clients fall in love with your salon or spa!

Even if your budget is a bit tight, there are still plenty of ways you can make Valentine’s Day a success. We’ve put together 6 simple ideas that will make your client’s experience more memorable, drive more people through your salon door and increase your average client spend.

  1. Create an amazing environment at your salon! Your clients will love it, and it will really get your staff in the mood too. Chocolates, music and wine are a few things you can do to create that perfect Valentine’s Day atmosphere. You could even look at throwing an after party to celebrate with your staff and some of your loyal clients. Use it as an opportunity to sample new products and new services – this is also a perfect time to make some additional retail sales.

  2. Bundle you services and retail to entice your clients into trying something new – or create the perfect “Valentine’s Day package.’ Find out more about setting up Packages in Kitomba here.

  3. Send your clients a special Valentine’s Day email with a great offer, promotion or gift suggestions. Kitomba has some Valentine’s Day Kmail templates that are set up and ready to go. Easy!

  4. Share your Valentine’s Day promotions on social media and keep you clients engaged even when they’re not at the salon. Grab the attention of your users and make your posts fun and appropriate for whatever social media you use. Check out this blog post for tips on making the right first impression on Facebook.

  5. A happy Valentine’s Day text or email will go down a treat and your clients will really appreciate the thought. It’s also a great way to get in touch with those clients you haven’t seen in a while and give them a friendly reminder to come on in.

  6. Chat to your clients about their Valentine’s Day plans while they’re in the salon or spa. It’s the perfect opportunity to upsell vouchers and product bundles as gifts. Check out these great up-selling tips.

Don’t forget to put together some campaign objectives. It’ll be a whole lot harder to measure your success without them (find out more about setting SMART goals). Here are three objectives you could be setting:

  • Financial objectives: You could look at dollar sales, profit or return on investment.

  • Customer objectives: Could look at reactivation of lapsed clients, number of new clients, or rebooking rate percentage.

  • Marketing objectives: could relate to unit sales, levels of satisfaction or uptake of promotion/special offer.

We’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day. Get in touch and share your story today.

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