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Contact tracing with Kitomba

27 May 2020 by Kitomba

Kitomba Reports can help you easily comply with the New Zealand Government’s contact tracing requirements. 

Collect the information you need

Record client details

When a client visits for a service or even just to purchase retail, check that they’re a client in Kitomba. Then, whether they’re a new or existing client, ensure you have recorded their current full name, phone number and address. 

It’s easy to add a new client or update a client’s details in Kitomba 1, so ensure your team members have Kitomba 1 access so they can quickly update client cards from any device. 

Tip! Investing the time now to collect up to date client details will make it easy to effectively market to your clients in the future.

Keep your appointment book up to date

As always, keep your appointment book up to date to correctly reflect the date and time clients visit your salon, spa or clinic.

Complete contact tracing

Should you need to complete formal contact tracing, there are a few Kitomba reports you can refer to that will give you the information you need.

Sales Daily Sheets report

This report gives you an overview of which clients visited, the staff member(s) who completed their service(s) and the time they were invoiced. It also includes any retail only clients (if you enter their details), ensuring you know exactly who was in your salon, spa or clinic. 

Client Retention report 

Run this report to get a list of names and contact details for clients who visited on a particular day, all in one report. Note this report doesn’t include clients who purchased retail only.

Staff Timetables report

This report provides you with an overview of your staff members’ working hours across a specified date range. Remember, if you have staff that aren’t completing services, and are therefore not included in your appointment book, be sure to take note of when they enter and leave the business.

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  1. I’d love for the client’s full name and mobile phone number to be mandatory fields so my staff don’t skip over them. It also helps to have a proper database for marketing.

    • Hi Cameron, in Kitomba you can go to your preferences and find the Client Card tab. There you can select which fields are mandatory on the Client Card, including phone number. Hope this helps!

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