Sustainable Salons fee

Automatic Sustainable Salons Fee

22 Nov 2018 by Kitomba

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Sustainable Salons so you can automatically add a Sustainable Salons Fee to your invoices. This feature will be released to all of our customers over the next couple of weeks.
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Kitomba Targets on smartphone

New Kitomba 1 Targets only access for your team

19 Nov 2018 by Kitomba

We’ve released a new Kitomba 1 access option – Targets. Now you can give your team the ability to view and track their individual targets while keeping any other client and business information safe. Continue reading…

New look Kitomba

Introducing Kitomba’s new look!

16 Oct 2018 by Kitomba

We’re excited to release the new look Kitomba! Remember it will take a few weeks to roll this out to all of our customers, so keep an eye on your emails, texts and in Kitomba as we’ll give you a heads up just before you receive it. Continue reading…

Override a timetable

Kitomba 1 Timetable Overrides

31 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

If you experience unplanned staff leave and timetable changes (and have access to the Kitomba 1 Appointment Book) we’ve got a new feature which will be available in the coming weeks! Continue reading…

Woman purchasing voucher online

Online Voucher Sales for single site salons, spas & clinics

18 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

We’re excited to announce that Online Voucher Sales are now available for single site salons, spas and clinics with Online Booking! Online Voucher Sales allows your clients to purchase gift vouchers via Online Booking, your website, social media channels, emails or text messages. Continue reading…

Untitled design (9)

Instantly send appointment details

4 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

We’ve got a cool new feature for you and your clients that can replace the need for appointment cards! Now you can instantly send clients their appointment details which they can add to their calendar.  Continue reading…

Young woman holding cake with macaroon decor on pink background with blue balls hanging. Full lenght portrait

Kitomba Birthday Reminders

4 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

Providing an exceptional client experience just got easier with Kitomba Birthday Reminders. Now Kitomba will automatically let you know if a client’s birthday is the day before, day of, or day after their appointment, so you can wish them a happy birthday! Watch out for this new feature in Kitomba over the coming weeks.

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Adding capabilities in Kitomba 1

Kitomba 1 Staff Capabilities

4 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

Staff Capabilities define which services each of your staff are trained to perform. Now you can set staff capabilities from anywhere, on any device, in Kitomba 1. Continue reading…