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The beauty of email marketing

14 Apr 2016 by Paul Gray

A salon owner complained to me one day about how nobody was showing up her salon. She’s a successful stylist in her own right but was finding it hard to get clients through the door. She was upset because she put all her effort into creating a beautiful space and great service standards – her vision was solid! The salon was built on what past clients had asked for, but nobody was showing up. Why? Our response was simple: “we think no one knows about your offering.” Here’s what we told her to do: Continue reading…


New to Kitomba 1: Payments Reconciliation Summary

9 Dec 2015 by Paul Gray

Today we added the Payments Reconciliation Summary Report to Kitomba 1. Managing all your payments coming in is a vital component of healthy business practice! Now it’s even easier to stay on top of all your payments right from Kitomba 1 – you’ll be all balanced in a few minutes. Continue reading…

K1 client filters blog

What’s new in Kitomba: Client Filters for multi-site salons

1 Dec 2015 by Paul Gray

We’ve updated client filters in Kitomba 1 for multi-site businesses (single site businesses already have this functionality). Now it’s even easier to generate client lists across all branches using the “have not” filter. Continue reading…

Facebook blog cover photo Kitomba

Facebook: best practices for salons and spas

29 Oct 2015 by Paul Gray

The marketing landscape has changed. Businesses no longer enjoy exclusive control over how their brand is communicated to clients. Continue reading…


Your new Online Booking website has arrived!

8 Sep 2015 by Paul Gray

The Online Booking website has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it easier to use on all devices, faster and deliver you more bookings. And now it’s live to your clients! Continue reading…

Online booking mobile

What’s new: Online Booking facelift

27 Aug 2015 by Paul Gray

You’re going to be excited for what’s happening on September 1st! Why? Because you’re about to see more bookings in your appointment calendar. Continue reading…

Morph Hair Blog article

Morph Hair: a winning formula

13 Jul 2015 by Paul Gray

With three wins at the 2014 Kitomba NZARH Business Awards, Morph Hair owner, Hamilton’s Dave Rogers, shares his story of success. Continue reading…

client metrics

5 client metrics you should be measuring and how to improve them

29 May 2015 by Paul Gray

It’s tempting to put all your efforts into getting new clients to walk through your salon or spa door. But ask yourself this: are you maximising the potential of the clients already walking in?

Continue reading…

La Villa panorama feature

Being unique: why it’s important, and how to make your clients know all about it

30 Mar 2015 by Paul Gray

Last week we featured Hush Hairstyling from Christchurch and looked at what makes them stand apart from other salons. Continue reading…