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Where did all my money go?

8 May 2019 by Marie Drever

Do you get to the end of every week and think: Why is there nothing left in the bank for me? You’re not alone – it’s a common experience for many salon, spa and clinic owners. The good news is, you have the power to change the way you experience money in your business.
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Marie Drever

Marie Drever

Zing Business Coach, Zing Coaching
Twelve years into her hair and beauty industry career, salon owner Marie Drever knew there must be a better way. So she started working with coach Lisa Conway to take herself and her salon to new heights. Translating the learnings into an incredible lifestyle change, she scaled down her presence in the salon from a massive sixty hours per week to fifteen.

Marie was hooked on the feeling and compelled to help other salon owners live their dreams. Becoming a ZING coach became her next mission. She sold her business, hit the turbo button on the ZING thing and in her first six years has helped more than 50 businesses grow towards their full potential.
Marie Drever

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