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7 ideas to help you successfully upsell

29 May 2018 by Kitomba

Upselling is a great way to increase your average client spend. Whether you introduce your clients to higher cost, more premium products or services or recommend an upgrade or other add-ons, it can all result in a more profitable sale. Here are 7 ideas to help you successfully upsell.

1. Provide the right services

It’s important to offer the right range of services to your clients. When creating or refreshing your service menu it’s important to think about how you can offer what your clients want while making it work for your business.

When it comes to upselling, it’s key that your service menu allows you to upgrade a client or sell an add-on. You can do this by offering things like a half head of foils and a full head of foils, treatments, or complementary services like manicures and pedicures.

2. Offer flexible payment options

Give your clients the ability to visit your salon, spa or clinic today and pay for their services or products over time.

We’ve partnered with Humm so Kitomba customers can easily do just that! In fact, Humm has found that by offering consumers this kind of flexibility it can drive repeat business and increase consumer spend. This is the perfect way to help your clients say yes to purchasing the product you recommend or upgrade their service, as they can pay for the products or services over time.

3. Be wary of how much your upsell costs

When it comes to upselling it’s important to be reasonable. For example, if someone spends $150 on a facial, you could show them a $40 product. However, if they’ve spent $40 on a product, it might be difficult to upsell them a $150 facial.

As a standard rule, the item you suggest shouldn’t exceed the price of the original item. Some businesses create a percentage or dollar figure for their staff to follow. The important thing here is to work out what works for your business and your clients.

You can also gauge this by taking the time to get a feel for what a person is looking for and how much they’re willing to spend before offering an option.

4. Sell packages

Packages are the perfect way to offer fantastic value to your clients while your business can benefit from the profit of the upsell.

Think about what type of packages would be enticing to your clients and carefully calculate suitable prices. Be sure to include service-only packages, as well as packages that are a combination of services and complementary retail items.

5. Run promotions

Promotions like 3 for the price of 2, or limited time discounts for things like multiple laser treatments, are a great way to get your clients to try something new.

For this to result in an upsell opportunity, the key is to delight your customers by recommending the right products and providing fantastic service. Then once they’ve tried the new product or service they will ideally want to continue purchasing it.

6. Make the upsell relevant

Relevance is the key to upselling. By selling something that’s complementary to their original service or product purchase, they’ll be able to see the value in purchasing the additional service or product too.

Keep in mind the old “Do you want fries with that?” mentality.

7. Know your stuff

To successfully upsell you need to think about what your client needs and what you can offer to meet those needs.

If there’s a service you think your client should consider, talk them through the benefits and why you think it’s better than what they may have initially been asking for.

When it comes to products, you should think the same way. To really understand what you’re selling, and to match the perfect products for each of your clients, ask your product reps to come in and give you and your team a training session.

There are a lot of ways to successfully upsell in your salon, spa or clinic. Find out if any of these solutions can benefit your business!

Kitomba Salon and Spa Software has the features you need make increasing the profitability of your client base easy. Book a personalised demo to see how Kitomba can help you grow your salon, spa or clinic.

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