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5 reasons you need online booking

23 Oct 2018 by Kitomba

Online booking is becoming the norm in the hair and beauty industry. The convenience it offers clients, as well as the value it offers businesses has seen it grow in popularity. Here, we’ll explore what it is that makes online booking worth adding to your business.

Fill your appointment book

Offering an easy way to book is a great way to fill your appointment book. Imagine opening for the week and having 10 bookings waiting to be accepted – and you’ve done no work! Online booking works particularly well for new and returning lapsed clients who may access online booking from your website, social media pages or a campaign you send.

Make more money

On average, 10% of all appointments are booked online. For the average salon, that’s 56 client bookings made online every month and almost $50,000 a year (or $4,000 a month) in revenue. This number is growing too, so make sure you’re not being left behind!

Convenience for your clients

Ultimately, online booking is all about your clients. In this day and age we’re all looking for convenience and simplicity in our lives. Online booking offers your clients the convenience and flexibility to book their appointments when and where suits them. They can easily see when their preferred team member is available so you don’t have to go back and forth over email or on the phone to find a time that works for you both. Plus they’re guaranteed to get through – there’s no chance you’re going to be busy with a client and therefore unable to take their booking. In fact, one third of clients want to be able to book outside your standard operating hours.

Less lost bookings

Online booking can help you catch bookings you would otherwise miss if you’re unable to answer the phone. Plus your phone is less likely to ring and interrupt your appointments, allowing you to focus on the client in your chair, safe in the knowledge that your online booking system is processing your new bookings for you.

Less no-shows and cancellations

Appointments made through online booking are also less likely to result in a no-show or cancellation. This is great news as on average 10% of appointments are “lost” as cancellations or no-shows. The majority of lost appointments are cancellations, making these your biggest challenge. Online booking systems such as Kitomba’s will automatically send an appointment confirmation message once an online booking is confirmed by the salon, spa or clinic, and then reminder messages before the appointment, both of which help reduce no-shows.

Now that you know why online booking is great for your business and your clients, find out what to look for in an online booking platform.

If you don’t have online booking in your salon, spa or clinic, book a personalised demo to see how Kitomba’s online booking and other powerful functionality can help you grow your business.

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