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11 things you can do for your clients this Christmas

15 Nov 2018 by Kitomba

Providing a great client experience in the lead up to Christmas isn’t always easy. However, with some effective teamwork and a few great ideas, you can create an exceptional experience for your clients!

1. Run to time

Everyone tends to have a lot of commitments leading up to Christmas, so the last thing your clients want is to wait around for their appointment. If you struggle to stick to schedule, put some strategies in place that’ll help you keep to time. For example, book clients appointments with plenty of time to complete their services, make time for breaks and be mindful about trying to squeeze extra clients in where this could impact overall client experiences.

2. Make sure they look fantastic

Your clients want to look fantastic for the holiday season – they may be off on holiday or to events like Christmas parties. Take the time to do your best work so you can be proud of the outcome and your clients feel happy with the results.

3. Treat your clients

Christmas is the time for giving, so think about how you can treat your clients to thank them for their loyalty and make them feel special. Sit down with your team and brainstorm some ideas. If you’re stuck, a lucky dip under your Christmas tree with vouchers for free treatments, mini products or samples and sweet treats is a nice idea that’s easy to implement.

4. Create a relaxing environment

Make sure your clients trip to your salon is a relaxing one. Even if you’re stressed, don’t show your clients you are. Play appropriate music and think of ways you can make it extra relaxing like a hand massage with every manicure or a refreshing eye mask while colour is processing.

5. Be a good communicator

It’s easy to let this slip when you’re busy, so prior to the silly season create ways to ensure you can keep in touch with your clients. For example, set up automatic appointment reminders, send an email to all your clients in November reminding them to book in before the holidays and promote any changes in hours on social media.

6. Offer last minute gift ideas

Sometimes finding the right gifts for your friends and family can be hard, so make it easier for your clients by having great gift packs and vouchers available for purchase. Make their day by pre-wrapping them or offering free gift wrapping!

7. Add more appointment times

Your clients will want a fresh cut, colour or treatment for the holiday period, so ensure they can get in right before Christmas by offering more appointment times. Extending your hours and opening on days you’re usually closed are both great ways to offer this and provide flexibility to suit your clients’ busy schedules.

8. Think about your clients’ kids

Schools often close before Christmas making it more difficult for parents to schedule appointments. So allow them to bring their kids when needed, by identifying a space away from equipment but close enough so they can be easily watched by their parent. Also offer activities that can help to keep them occupied for the length of the appointment like a colouring competition, books, toys or even a TV. Plus you could give them a sweet or lollipop to help spread the Christmas cheer.

9. Get extra help

If possible, consider bringing in an extra pair of hands to help throughout December. Whether they’re focused on answering the phone, accepting online bookings, taking payments, keeping the salon tidy, doing the washing, getting clients tea and coffee or all of the above. An extra person could really help take the pressure off allowing you to focus on providing high quality service. Plus with students on summer holidays it can be easier to find someone to help out.

10. Have a part payment solution

Your clients will want to look amazing for the holidays, but with presents, travel and other expenses, covering all their costs can sometimes be difficult. Make it easy for them to get the services and products they want without needing to pay for it all upfront, by offering a part payment solution.

11. Offer express services

Everyone’s got full schedules before the holidays and often they have lots of events to attend. Offer quick services such as express hair-ups and manicures so it’s easy for your clients to feel great. It means they can fit in the extra appointment which is great news for your bottom line.

Christmas isn’t too far away, so get your team together and decide how you can continue to offer an exceptional client experience using some or all of the ideas above!

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